Yoga Accessories

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Use of Props. Many yoga technique emphasises precision and alignment. Quality of movement is prioritised over quantity. You learn to move with ease in your body while working within your limitations. This makes the yoga postures (asanas) safe to perform. Sometimes yoga postures are held a prolonged time allowing tight muscles to lengthen and relax, and helping to focus awareness. Yoga props such as blankets, bricks and belts may be used to improve your understanding of poses or to help if you have difficulties.

Good quality and carefully chosen yoga accessories can substantially support your exercises  and enhance your yoga experience.

How to place your order. Use chart/checkout option in this site if you order only a limited number (less than 10) of items for your own use. If you like to order larger amount of some product(s), place your order by sending us a message using the form in the page CONTACT US. Also companies should use this option to manage properly VAT (see more in the page CONTACT).

1-joga-matot-settiYoga Mats

  • Yogamat Kurma (same as manduka)
  • 66 x 200 cm, 60.48 € (+vat 24% in EU)
  • 60 x 185 cm, 56.45 € (+vat 24% in EU)

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2-joga-bricksYoga Bricks

  • Cork yoga brick
  • 23 x 12 x 7,5 cm, 12.90 € (+vat 24% in EU)

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3-joga-beltsYoga Belts

  • Yoga belts, different colors: blue, wine red, white
  • 12.10 € (+vat 24% in EU)

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4-chairYoga Chair

  • Metal chair, silver
  • 48 x 49 x 78 cm, 44.35 € (+vat 24% in EU)

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  • Colors: green, lila, black, wine red
  • 52.42 € (+vat 24% in EU)

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6-blankets16-blankets2 Blankets

  • Colors: organge, green, blue, grey
  • 150 x 200 cm, 24.19 € (+vat 24% in EU)

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