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SET-7 pic-5Welcome to YogaYamaStore to enhance your yoga experience.

YOGA is an ancient tradition, which began to be systematically developed hundreds of years before the Common Era. For the first time yoga arrived to the Western countries at the turn of the 1900 century but was adapted by the large audience as a form of exercise not until the 1950s. Since yoga has a long tradition, it also has a countless number of versions and perspectives. However, the exercises developed, tested and proved over thousands of years provide a solid foundation to customize and vary the basic principles of yoga to suit our individual needs. In varied situations different people may need variety of ways to practice yoga and to take care of their mind and body.

Yoga is an exploration of your own body and mind – into your own inner self. It is a discipline that teaches your body and mind control, focusing on only the most essential. Yoga can regenerate the mind and teach to look at every moment exactly as it is, not as it is often pre-coloured by our perceptions, interpretations and habits. Yoga itself does not include any religious thinking although too often yoga is connected to oriental mystic reincarnation and karma. Yoga is more a philosophy that provides us the ground to build our own way of looking ourselves and life around. By yoga we become humble towards ourselves and life in general.

koritit esitys-2 SMALLYOGA GARDS. The primary product we deliver on this site are the unique and multi-use Yoga Cards developed and produced by our own experts and artists. Cards can be used as ordinary playing cards but also for supporting your daily yoga sessions and personal development as a yoga trainee. Go here to learn more about Yoga Cards.

YOGA ACCESSORIES. In addition we deliver high quality yoga accessories and props like yoga mats, blocks, bricks, belts and blankets.  Go here to look more details about accessories.